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Although many SEO agencies and SEO 'experts' will disagree on all the factors included in each search engine's algorithm and how important each of these factors are, there are certain elements that are not contentious:

  • Your site content
  • Links to your site
  • Your site coding (and meta tags)
  • How your site is submitted
  • Links within your site
  • Click though rate
  • What your competitors are doing

These are just a few of the elements that need to be considered, you need to know how you want your site to perform and what kid of results you are expecting in terms of traffic, enquiries or sales. If you need help improving the performance of your site, speak to a professional within the SEO industry.

Another important factor to think about is backing up data as you go along always make sure that you have an external device to store data as you’ll need to store all the clients’ information and data.

High quality Content creation

Search engines are looking to provide the most relevant web page for any given search term. Any site that wants to attract search engine traffic needs to create useful content to form an information-rich site.

Search engines don't like to send their users to dynamic pages because they need to understand what their users will see so static content pages are always sensible option.

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